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Amy Winehouse

Death permeates the world of Rock & Roll twinned with success and stardom in sport. It’s risky to stand in the spotlight, to live through the lifecycle of fame — and the danger becomes more prevalent when a star becomes the stereotype.

The 27 club — an elusive group which tears down stars in their esteemed prime— Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones are a few names who have succumbed to an early fate through no fault of their own—except playing a part in the erratic world of stardom.

The ‘27 Club’ or ‘Club 27’ is a…

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Boxing deaths in the ring

There are no simple answers for the tragedies that have occurred inside the four ropes of a ring. It’s a sport that can be a matter of life and death. The very fabric of the sport is entertainment, but behind the bright lights lies dark, horrifying truths consisting of life-threatening injuries and death.

This is a frightening reminder of the danger at hand any time a fighter climbs through the ropes, and this is the only venue in society, with the exception of war, where a person may be killed but not legally murdered.

Patrick Day’s death is one that…

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Mike Tyson & Naomi Campbell

Cut to the plains of Africa. Picture a Lion, roaming the African savannah, irrefutably an alpha male with unquestionable prowess and a roar that strikes fear into the hearts of men. Mike Tyson manifested these traits and arguably transpired to become king of the boxing jungle.

Mike Tyson was the figurehead who claimed this apex predator status — but with it came a turbulent career married with a tumultuous life.

Tyson arrived on the heavyweight stage escorted with unrivalled confidence and the ability to raise eyebrows. He owned a pair of eyes that were dead but could drill right through…

The NFL is celebrating its hundredth birthday this year since its inaugural inception in 1920. The sport started as a fledgeling endeavour and has gone through many trials and tribulations, but is the clear sport that has entrenched itself as North America’s №1 sport.

But for all the resounding positives that come with the sport, a profusion of dark and harrowing negatives encompasses it. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is the shadow that looms over the vastly poplar game, a degenerative brain condition that is believed to be caused by repeated hits to the head.

The sport is viewed through rose-tinted…

Death is a part of life. It is the harsh reality of mortality — it is unfair, troubling and cruel a source of infinite grief. Every single entity on this planet will have experienced death in some context, but have we experienced the death of an idol — the death of a hero or someone you want to emulate.

The death of an athlete — or the passing of a sporting star is always a wafer of information we want to avoid. …

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Paul Gascoigne

When a young Paul Gascoigne was asked who his hero was, he replied with an undoubted, unequivocal answer. Bryan Robson — the captain of England — a Man United icon and a functioning alcoholic.

Gascoigne’s choice of hero was not behind Robson’s goal-scoring prowess, nor his natural leadership or his unbridled footballing talent. Instead, the young Gascoigne held Robson in such high-regard because of his ability to sink ten pints the night before training and still be head and shoulders above the rest.

Long before his death in 2005, George Best was the revered hero that the public strained their…

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Four shots through a locked toilet door was all it took to end Reeva Steenkamp’s life. Oscar Pistorius was on the other end of the barrel claiming that he believed it was an intruder. It was the early hours of Valentine’s day — an occasion which is surrounded by love and peppered with romanticism — Reeva’s last breath indicated that her Valentines was far from romantic but the last day she would spend on this earth. Opinions have been divided since that fateful day on what happened on the other side of that locked bathroom door.

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Tyson Fury has announced the highly-anticipated rematch against Deontay Wilder that will take place on the 22nd February, 2020.

Fury, 30, stopped Tom Schwarz in the second round in June after showing the German some mouth-watering silky handwork in his first fight since Wilder last December — which the Englishman drew but felt he won.

The two heavyweights are pitted against each other so long as Wilder dispatches Luis Ortiz in a heavily slatted WBC heavyweight title defence.

Fury will be desperate for Ortiz to be quiet on the night and not cause Wilder any problems so their rematch stays…

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Tyson Fury’s merciless display dispatching Tom Schwarz in the second round has sent a clear and concise message out to the boxing nation and its heavyweight counterparts, Fury wants blood.

Fury, 30, picked apart the undefeated Tom Schwarz in the second round in Las Vegas on Saturday. Fury fired into the ring plastered in the stars and stripes of the American flag and the Englishman showed he clearly knew where his bread was buttered in his Vegas debut, winning the American public over with a few ‘god bless Americas’.

This was Fury’s return to the ring for the first time…

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